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Default Re: Not Running as Much

We moved in to the new place on the first of the month so almost 3 weeks. We are still moving things around a bit, and it smells nothing like our old apartment. He isn't sneezing at all...That is unless we "boop" his nose lol and he isn't all that fond of being "Booped" but their little noses are just SO CUTE!

We are in Tampa, and it got cold for a week and a half (sorry friends up North ) We had him by the heater so he would stay warm. But we are a little worried that he got chilled durring the day. (The house stayed in the mid-70s during the day and we turned the heater off while we wern't home. This place was built in the 50s and we have discovered some faulty wiring so we didn't want to leave the heater on while no one was home...)
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