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Default Not Running as Much

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend and I have recently moved into a house! YAY :P But, my little Brillo has taken the news a little harder.

He is eating well and drinking fine, but he seems a little more grouchy then he used to and he is not running in his wheel as much. He dosn't mind being held but he is freaking out more about being picked up then he used to.

He dosn't have any real quill loss that I can see, and his ears, nose and eyes look alright to mee but my boyfriend says he licks his nose more often. >_< I really don't think he does.

Brillo has his own room now, but there is a celing fan in there which is a concept he hasn't dealt with in over a year. Could it be a new environment that is causing him to not run as much? The room is toasty around 75 all day.

Little help anyone?
R.I.P. Brillo
R.I.P. Stinky Link

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