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Originally Posted by Kalandra View Post
I'd say discuss this with your veterinarian. I'd likely ask doc to thoroughly examine the teeth to determine if they remaining are healthy or not. If his teeth are suspect, then I'd discuss how hard it would be to remove them all. Sometimes their teeth become loose and infection sets in. The cause could simply be genetic or it could be due to bad diet during development, its hard to determine.

I have had a couple of toothless hedgehogs in the past and they lived quite well on a soft food only diet. The biggest problem with soft food only diets sometimes is getting a picky eater to want to switch.
I'm definitely going to talk with my vet about it, I just wanted to get a little insight from other hedgehog owners to see if they've had situations like this.
He's the only hedgehog I've had and this is the only health issue I've ever had with him.
The vet told me that his teeth become loose and then don't fall out for whatever reason... And then they become abscessed and infected. I don't know why it keeps happening. This is the third time though and I'm almost thinking it would be better to just have a toothless hedgehog because it would be less painful for him.
We've fed him wet food before and he loved it. So... I mostly just wanted to know if it was even possible to have a toothless hedgehog.
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