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Aww your puppy dog sounds like she was adorable!

Ugh, people drive me nuts sometimes. Yes, snake bites can be really awful, but all the commonly kept ones (balls, corns, other small colubrids...) wouldn't be commonly kept if they were dangerous, or even if they hurt all that bad. Hedgehog bites are way worse in comparison. Those little demon teeth are scary. Worse than that is when I upset my parrot. Now THAT hurts! And sometimes she prefers to not let go. My last parrot (only 5 inches tall) punctured my finger to the bone once and then chewed. I know some reptile people who keep massive monitor lizards but won't go near parrots because they're scary . I don't plan to experience my green tree python's bite. I got to see those teeth when I was force feeding him, and yikes. No thanks. But with my other two snakes, I let them lick my nose and wrap around my face, so that tells you how afraid of their bites I am. My family has just given up warning me, and instead has decided to come watch me feed them.

I'm glad everyone has at least been polite about Charis. Telling you your snake is disgusting is practically the same as telling you your human baby is disgusting. It's just not nice. And those weirdos that need to share the fact that they would kill your pet if it came near them... They worry me. Do they not see that you care for it, and does that not have any weight at all in their minds? When my boyfriend rescued Shaw the Salamander from the pipe plant (he's named after the company) where he works, one of the female employees threatened to stomp on it. She then discussed in great detail how she would like to cut it into small pieces so it didn't look so gross anymore. She's also threatened to hurt ... well, most of my "creepier" pets. So she's never welcome anywhere near me. I'm one of those people who catches and releases tiny spiders in the house though. Or I just say hi and then ignore them . That drives my arachnophobic other half nuts.
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