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Thank you!! I'm debating whether to call the vet this morning & let them know my concerns or wait until I've switched to fleece and see if it helps at all. I gave her less Wellness meat last night hoping she might eat more of her kibble, but I'm not sure she really did. I need to get it out & measure, but there's still a lot left...

I agree, I really do think she's enjoying it or finds it to be interesting. I was a little worried at first that maybe I would miss some small body language or signals of distress since I'm so new to snakes & reptiles in general, but nothing she does gives off any warning signals to me. She'll jump a little if one of us grabs her to move her if she's not expecting it, but that seems pretty justified. She doesn't really freak out or get super defensive or upset about it.

Maybe her head is similar to how my cocker spaniel kept her blunt little puppy nose for her whole life? It was really cute!

Side story - after I posted about Charis biting me on my family Facebook, apparently I freaked several family members out despite my assurances that it honestly was not bad at all, it was my fault, she wasn't aggressive, etc. etc. I've had at least three family members plus my partner keep telling me to be careful, especially with the snake selfie picture. So I finally got annoyed and posted a status pointing out that Bindi's bitten me 5-6 times more than Charis, it hurts more, and she's way more likely to bite me in general than the snake! Might as well tell me to be careful holding the hedgehog, people! But my snake is not a threat to me, so please stop acting like she's a monster, seriously. Bites happen, it healed in less than a day, and she's still a perfect angel. Though I did also mention that so far no one has told me that my baby is gross, ugly, or creepy, and no one's made comments about how they would hurt or kill her if she was near them, so that's appreciated, at least. I've heard too many stories from snake/reptile owners who have friends & family members think it's okay to say that to them. I think everyone on there knows me well enough to know that Charis is also my baby and I would NOT take that well.
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