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Well I'll be sending good vibes her way until she's all better! That's too bad about the reptibark, I haven't been getting those at all. But I do know what you mean. I get them off of some of the brands of reptile and amphibian soil and they are AWFUL.

Yeah you may want to wait on teaching Charis how to escape . Definitely don't want a surprise introduction to Bindi to occur.

You really can tell the difference with whether they like it or not. I find if they're not just looking for warm dark places, or they are, but then they stick their head out, they're enjoying it in at least some sense of the word. When I let my skink go, she dives for the nearest dark place and vanishes. One time she couldn't find anything so she "hid" behind the 1" wide leg of a stool. She clearly prefers to be held or in my clothing.

Wow, Charis is a bit older than Illidan then. I guess she just has a cute little head .
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