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Me too. I still feel like she's a little snufflier than I'd like...I'm switching to fleece today to see if it helps at all. I've been getting teeny splinters from the Reptibark when I put a hand down and lean in to grab things, so it's made me a bit paranoid! So we're going to see how fleece works for now until I have time & money to finish plans for a bioactive set up & see how it works.

And thanks! I keep meaning to make it a little more open one of these times when I'm redecorating, but I always have too many things I want to cram in. Seems to work out well though! And yes, the racing stripe totally lets her zoom around, heh. I'm so glad your crabs are enjoying the shell selection!

I still have to scoop Charis out, though I've thought about leaving the lid open to see if she'll come out on her own. But the lid isn't lockable or anything and I'm paranoid that if she gets in the habit of "hey neat, I can CHOOSE to get out that way?", I'll forget to put the heavy box back on top one night & she'll get out. Her enclosure has to be snake-proof since Bindi's isn't!! Totally not trying out that animal meeting.

But once I have her upgraded enclosure that actually has lockable doors, we'll try that out & see how much chooses to come out & explore. She does seem to enjoy it, but it's so hard to tell! I mostly go off the fact that she's not showing any distress or panicky movements or acting super defensive or nervous while exploring & does want to explore & smell things. She does seem to like hanging out on us though, until she finds something more interesting...like underneath the couch or behind bookshelves.

Yeah, I have no clue about her head! She's 8 years old, so she's fully grown. But her head does seem really small compared to the rest of her. It's what made me panic over whether she could actually eat the rat the first time I fed her. I know they unhinge their jaw, they can stretch really wide, etc. etc., but none of that helped my first-time snake mom jitters.
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