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Default Re: Now! grain free senior cat food

The two foods you are currently feeding are not that high in calories, compared to the rest of the list. Performatrin is 3380 kcal/kg. The protein and fat content are in appropriate ranges too.

Why does your vet think your hedgehog is fat? Can your hedgehog ball up completely with no skin poking out? Does your hedgehog have large fat pockets around his legs or looks like he has a hump on his back over his shoulders?

If you think he is fat, try to encourage him to move around more. Put food in multiple places in his cage, so he has to explore to eat. Make him climb up your chest when he is out of his cage.

I distrust many vet's opinions on healthy weight for a hedgehog. For example, Maui weighed 666g her entire adult life until she developed lymphoma. I had to use a different vet once because mine was on vacation and we had an eye emergency. The vet we visited told me Maui was grossly obese at that weight and needed be to under 500. Maui won a 3rd place ribbon in a large conformation class at that weight. You don't get ribbons when you are grossly obese. The only time that Maui weighed near what that vet wanted was the day she died. She had lost a huge amount of weight due to the lymphoma and was very thin looking.

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