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Default Now! grain free senior cat food

So as some of you may know Holden has weight issues. Vet said to limit his food intake but that was the only advice I got. I went to the store to get him some new food last night as I was running out and decided to try something different. Right now he is on CSFCLS light and Performatrin Ultra Slim Care. The guy at the pet store seemed pretty knowledgeable about cats and told me for overweight cats, grain free food is the best since it contains no fillers such as rice filled with carbs. He also said CSFCLS light (Holden's favorite) contains a lot of those fillers and a lot of carbs. The thing that worried me is the 14% fat, but he said that shouldn't be a problem if he was getting less carbs. What do you all think? I bought a sample bag so I'll see if he even likes it tonight, but I wanted to know if this sounds reasonable or if I should just stick to the lower fat foods he is on. I'm willing to try anything now since he is at 725 grams and still gaining.
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