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Default Re: Is colorfresh bedding good bedding?

I appreciate the posts - and as much as I would LOVE to use fleece liners - I have a hog that would continually want to live UNDER the fleece liners and end up laying on the bare plastic sterlite tub bottom. Then I would pick her up and she would feel all sweaty and clammy and just yucky.

I had an igloo type hut for her sleeping area with her fleece blanket and she would continually sleep under her blanket on the bare plastic - kicking the fleece liner out the door. I solved that problem by changing her igloo into a cut up shoe box and at least now she sleeps on the softer cushioned cardboard shoe box under her blanket instead of the nasty plastic tub bottom.

But out in the rest of her tub is her "chilling" spot and then I put the carefresh under her wheel (CSW) without the litter tray because she trys to sleep UNDER the litter tray and just made a horrible mess!
The carefresh is pretty much minding its own business and staying under the wheel. I would love to go all fleece.... but what is the point if she is just going to ram sack them and spend her time still laying on the yucky plastic tub floor!!!!!!

I know, just let them do what they want....... there is no winning with a hedgehog!!!! lol

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