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Default Re: Is colorfresh bedding good bedding?

Snarf joined us at 11pm on a Monday, along with his cage and CareFresh (yellow & purple...WTF?). By noon Tuesday, I had fleece liners ready...I was so tired of picking that crap off of everything...clothes, socks, blankets...I waited a few days until Snarf settled in, then that was it...gone. Four months later and we're still finding little purple and yellow pieces everywhere.

How would you clean up poop? I never did get this...you can't even see the poop. And it gets so dusty...and you'd have to replace the whole mess every time you cleaned the cage??? I guess...? I dunno...it wasn't around long enough for me to find out.

Go with fleece...you won't be sorry...new muss, no fuss, no sewing...amazing prints and colors and patterns...for every season and occasion...

*stepping off soapbox now*
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