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Unhappy Lethargic, stressed baby

I got my little Marnie on Monday, only five days ago. The first night she was home, she ran on her wheel for hours and seemed very energetic. Same for the second. But now she seems very lethargic. She doesn't wake up until after I'm asleep - midnight or later, and she's in bed again once I wake up - usually about 7. I have to wake her up to bond with her or I'd never get to see her. I try to do it later, when at least she's had some sleep.
The third day we had her, she had diarrhea but she only had it once and I assumed it was stress. Tonight she had green poop.
She's been very active, but tonight I pulled her out to bond with her and she just sat on me. I definitely thought she was more of an explorer than a cuddler.
Her wheel is always covered in poop in the morning, so I do know that's she's still running on that. She's eating less than I'd like, but she's still eating.
Her cage is constantly between 75 and 77 degrees.
Is she okay? I'm so worried. Is this just stress and I'm overreacting? Do I take her to a vet? Please help. Thank you!
Oh, also she's about three months old. Her birthday is on September 10, 2015.
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