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Originally Posted by twobytwopets View Post
Since your getting a phone call tomorrow from the vet, you could keep it out for the night. If it's an ear infection he won't be very stable on his feet. Then ask about it when you speak to the vet.
With a hedgehog that has an uneasy gait some vets love to say it's WHS. Only problem is they can't prove that's what it is on a living animal. Just like people there are reasons for unsteady gait. Ear infection is the most common. Then you also have other issues, neurological, skeletal, then at the very end once everything is checked and nothing is found, then you can start to assume it's WHS. But I guess ear infection doesn't sound hedgehoggy enough so they say wobbly hedgehog syndrome. I don't believe any veterinary school covers hedgehogs more than a short section when they cover exotics. So in reality that explains it.
Do you have a thermometer in the cage? If so what is it reading? The goal is to have the same temperature in the entire cage 24/7. A heating pad could cause different issues but the one that concerns me at this point is too much of a temperature difference. That could either cause him to stay where it's warm, or get chilly when he leaves that area.
I do have a thermometer in the cage, it is reading about 77. The current thermometer is not digital as I am just borrowing it from my roommates chameleon until mine arrives in the mail (the new one will tell me high and low from 24 hours, humidity, etc). I have the thermometer located on the opposite side of the cage from where the ceramic heat emitter is clipped to be sure the entire cage is getting the right warmth. His cage, however, is not huge so the heat emitter is easily warming the whole cage. Then, in addition there is a small animal heating pad under his sleep house that he chose to lay on sometimes but also sometimes chosen to sleep outside of the sleep house, off the heating pad. Outside the house he has fleece and bedding for nesting as well.
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