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Originally Posted by Lilysmommy View Post
It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep the bowl of water even after his infection has cleared up! They tend to be much easier for hedgehogs to drink from than water bottles, and they're also easier to clean daily. Water bottles should also be cleaned daily, but it's harder which can make it easy to skip on.

It sounds like you're doing great with him so far, so just try to relax! You've done everything right in this situation - got him a heat set up, got him to the vet to get checked out, and you're getting him treated. I'm sure he'll be back to normal in no time.
thanks again! one more thing, i took the wheel out of his cage for now because i noticed that every time he went on it he would seem to get dizzy or exhausted and lay his head down as if to stabilize then would fall asleep there after only a minute or two of using it. i was afraid he would either tire himself out with the wheel or become cold sleeping on the hard plastic rather than on his heating pad or bedding. (the ceramic heat emitter is clipped on his cage directly above the wheel but i still was worried he might get cold from the plastic). however, since taking it out, he seems to be trying to climb the sides of his cage walls which he has never done before and in doing so he keeps sliding down and landing on his side. it doesnt seem to hurt him or anything but he does seem to struggle a bit to get back up. should i give the wheel back to him to stop this behavior or should i keep the wheel out until he is feeling better? i dont want him to get bored but i also dont want him to exhaust himself trying to run on a wheel when he isnt feeling well.
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