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Default Re: New hedgehog..extremely grumpy?

Originally Posted by PJM
Welcome to HHC & congratulations! She's adorable.

As has been mentioned before...be patient, gentle & consistent.

A very common warning of a bite is a lick. Usually it's lick, lick, lick, BITE. So when she licks you, move that body part away - unless you WANT a bite.

There's lots & lots of great info in the threads. Feel free to ask questions - we're here to help. And post as many pictures as you want! We love those.
Ahh that explains it. She always licks my hand...I'm a little wiser now, haha

Originally Posted by Immortalia
The duct tape is essentially a quick fix till you get a better wheel. Or even just return it for a comfort wheel. Yes that duct tape is fine and it will need to be changed daily since you'd need to scrub the wheel down daily anyways.

As for the food, do check out the food section of the forum which will have loads of info. But the basic range you want is ~30% protein and <15% fat. You also want meat in the first 5 ingredient, #1 is better obviously. Try to stay away from food that has lots of corn and BHT.
Most hedgehog food out there is crap, dangerous/deadly to feed, or nutritionally incomplete but not immediately harmful.

Also you may want to put her in a clear bowl and look up to see if she really is a girl or if she has the " bellybutton".
Alright, is there any recommended wheels I should get? I spent $15.00 on a square-grid wheel because the guy at the petshop said "oh it's fine"...so I bought it, found out I can't use it when I checked these forums, so I had to spend $35.00 on this wheel (which is pretty pricey for a wheel) when I went to another pet shop. I guess good wheels are hard to find around here because besides this silent spinner, they're all either square grids or mesh. Ugh. Should I just take this one out of her cage til I get a new one? I can't afford another one until next pay (Friday)

And thanks for the heads up on what kind of food to specifically look for. I'll pick that up on Friday as well.
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