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Default Re: New hedgehog..extremely grumpy?

Thank you everyone for the really quick replies and advice (and congratulations!)

MissC, I'll try and let her out when she's sleeping and have her sit on me. I'll also try the blanket trick and see if that works. When I had y shirt in the cage she crawled into it, so I took it out since I didn't want her to get stuck or suffocate..but it's okay if they hide under it then?

I'll make sure to check out the behaviour threads too, Alex. I did some browsing around here the night I got her (this forum being the reason I got rid of her old aquarium cage and got a bunny cage the next day). I think Izzy probably just smelt something on me, it was a pretty powerful bite. She usually licks me now, but I'm afraid that might be followed by a bite. Maybe I taste good to her

As for her being overweight, I'll watch what she eats. I'll try and get some liners in the cage and a litter box as well.

I may get a better hut for him too, one of those plastic igloos. The few petshops I went to had them as cover for their hedgehogs, so I went with it.

Immortalia, I can usually get her a little calmer once I take her out of the cage and give her a mealworm. As for the wheel, is regular silver duct tape okay for her? And would I just change it everytime I clean the wheel?

She was in a cage alone at a pet shop, but I'm not sure of if she is female. They told me at the store she is a she, and they had her for 3 months before anyone bought her, so I think I'm safe on the pregnant side, although I'll check out the babies thread to make sure everything checks out. For all I know, Izzy could be a guy!

I'll look around for a better hut, too, one that's made of platic perhaps. The petshop recommended hedgehog food. I got a box of it (it just says "Nutrient Rich Hedgehog Diet" on the box), and she seems to enjoy that, with a mealworm every day/every other day. I heard I can feed her dry cat food as long as it's high in protein, should I see if she likes that?

Thanks again for all the responses. I'll make sure to supe her cage up a bit the next day I'm off and can go to the petshop.
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