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Default Update: Hope yet!

Just a quick update:

This morning I hit the grocery store, vet, and farmer's market, and Beck is looking like one spoiled hog. I got him Ensure, Hills AD, and a little pixie stick full of honey

He still didn't eat or drink (at least nothing noticeable) overnight, so I syringed him about 15mL of the ensure at about 10am and gave him his enalapril heart meds. I put him away, then moved him to his carrier to clean his cage at 11:30. When I refilled his water, I added about a tsp of honey to it and put him back in.

At first he just scooted to his house. Then I heard this "sniff. sniff sniff sniff."

*Hedgie head pops back out*

Then he scuttled over to his water and DRANK. Never have I been so relieved. That hog drank for 2 minutes. I timed him. I was that happy to see him drink voluntarily. Could he really smell the honey in his water from his house? Anyways. He's resting now, but I'll get him up again in a few hours to offer him kibble. Otherwise I'll probably give him some more Ensure (or should I give the Hills AD instead?). I think he just really needs to get rehydrated, and the more rehydrated he gets, the better he'll start feeling, and eventually get back to eating.
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