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Default Re: New hedgehog..extremely grumpy?

Congrats on your new hedgie! Everything behavioural was basically covered. To make you feel better my boy still hisses at me everytime I disrupt his beauty sleep.....2 years later lol

Now about the other stuff...
Silent spinners are dangerous wheels. You need to ducttape the center crack so no hedgie nails get stuck and ripped off. And you need to secure it very well and check the bearings daily as the have been know to come apart and fall on the hedgie.

You bought her from a petstore? Were there other hedgies housed with her? And you are sure she is female? Whether you saw her housed with another or not you should still be prepared for surprise babies just in case. It may be good to read up the breeding section on all the "help! Surprise babies!" threads. I don't wanna scare you but it's better to be prepared as for some strange reason a lot of petstore don't seem to understand that male+female=babies and the poor new owners get that lovely bombshell.

Anything wood generally doesn't get used around hedgies unless it's been treated as otherwise it can harbor mites. Also with that wood ladder/house thing it's easy for a hedgie to climb then fall off the edge. They have very poor depth perception and will fall off just about anything and their bones are much too fragile for that.

What sort of food did the petstore tell you was good to feed?
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