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Patience, Grasshopper, patience. It could take weeks, month, years to develop a trusting relationship with a hedgie.

Speak gently, move slowly (better yet, just don't move), breathe and relax....try taking her out of her cage with the shirt or a piece of fleece and place her on your lap. Try this for 20-30 minutes every single day of your life. Let her sleep on you...your only goal is to get her comfortable being near you. Over time, she may start to explore around her...just let her (safety first!) and slowly, try putting your hand near her...then on her while she's covered...then try to sneak a hand under the blanket and touch her - don't pet, yet...just touch.

Get it? You may end up petting a hedgie bag (something I am all too familiar with) but you're still developing a relationship. Yes, it's basically with a piece of fleece but if you're patient, you will see changes.
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