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Default Re: New hedgehog..extremely grumpy?

Congratulations for your new hedgy
As someone else suggested in another thread (sorry I do not recall the nick name) if you are a new hedgy owner it is a good idea to read the behaviour threads. I am new one myself and it helped me a lot. My hedgie is a male, 6 months old and the first two-three days he balled up very tight. I kept holding him on my palms until he got used to me. Now he has been with us for two weeks and he doesnt even bother to stay balled after we pick him up. He has never bitten me, but I have read people who say that some hedgies only bit one or two times in their lives, when they were scared or smelled something delicious, and others, that are just.. bitters. But yours is stil adapting, so I would not worry about that.
I also have two comments on the pictures: from the side she looks slightly overweight. I am not an expert, most of my training comes from fotos, so maybe an expert will come by to let us know.. So maybe she needs a change of nutrition.
And also, what is her bedding? I can not see if it is liners, but the third day that I decided to change my hedgie to liners, and also gave him blankets to hide, he felt much more comfortable. And a slight worry about his toes getting stuck between the wood pieces of the cylinder..
I hope I helped a bit..Good luck with her. Lots of love will do the trick
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