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Default Instant Breakfast for syringe feeding?

Hey guys, to make a long story short, Beck is still eating very minimally voluntarily. I syringe fed him about the equivalent of 10-15 kibbles yesterday, and gave him mashed banana and water every 4 hours to help hydrate him. PapilionRu has been helping (she's a lifesaver!) and we think that the dosage of furosemide he got was an overdose for him, and I'm just trying to help him ride it out until it clears his system. I can get Ensure and Hills AD diet tomorrow morning.

In the meantine, I could continue syring the banana water, OR, I have a small carton of vanilla Carnation instant breakfast. Can I syringe him this for some nutrients and protein, or will it create more problems because it's milk (lactose) based? Any other tips on helping hydrate him would be great.
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