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Originally Posted by CritterHeaven
ok so fleece will wick it away from the surface and their feet but also absorb it? So no middle layer required?
Yup...everything soaks through the top layer and onto the next layer. Try it with a folded piece on the counter...pour a teeny bit of water and watch it - it just sits there in a blob - then rub it in a bit. The top will be pretty dry in a few minutes and usually the underside of the top layer will be dry, the top of the second layer will be damp. But even then, the whole thing will dry fairly quickly.

I only know cuz I used to run in -40 a lot...there is no better way to learn about fabrics than to run in something wet for an hour in a freezing fricking blizzard.

I also know a LOT about how to keep a water bottle from freezing while it's strapped to your back. Stupid weather.
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