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I have a very messy boy. He poops and pee everywhere (mainly on his wheel) but he does go all over his cage if the notion strikes him.

I layer about 4 layers of fleece at the beginning of the week when I do his weekly cage cleaning and then pull the top layer off as it becomes soiled.

Even with having a messy boy, I have never needed a middle absorbent layer. Fleece is amazingly absorbent. I have never had any issues with the pee leaking through to the next layer. When i pull the top layer off, the next one is always clean.

Like MissC, I also poop scoop daily.

I just wanted to save you all the work of sewing and ordering things that may not be necessary. If it were me, I would cut your fleece liners out and trial run them with at least 2 layers in the cage and see how they work for you by themselves before ordering the absorbent pads.
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