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Default Normal pulse/heart rate?

After a good first week on his new heart meds, Beck appears to be having a "bad day" tonight. I came home tonight and he was just curled up in the middle of his floor, and he didn't move when I came in and turned the lights on.

It was awful, for a few minutes I thought he was gone. I didn't have my glasses on, and his breathing was so slow and shallow, it was hard to see it at all. I stood over top of him and started talking to him. Not even a flinch. Paced back and forth a few times. Talked to him again. Heart starts pounding. Finally just walked over and poked him, thankfully eliciting an angry huff.

So I scooped him up and set him in my lap, where he promptly collapsed. His breathing slowed right down again, and because I happened to have my hand right under his chest, I decided to take his heart rate in a minute. I clocked him at a whopping... 34 beats per minute. I don't know what's normal, but I have a feeling that's not it. In my lap, his breathing is so slow and shallow, that I honestly can't see it without my glasses looking down at him.

I guess I know there's not a ton more I can do for him, or that people can give me advice on, but it just kills to see him look so whipped. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day
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