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Originally Posted by MissC
My doc was pretty adamant it wasn't just cuz allergies to hedgies are so rare.
That is a total myth. Hedgehogs cause just as many allergies as other animals do and in some cases even more because they have quills that poke into our skin.

Of the roughly 75 rescues I've taken in over the years, 15 to 20 of them were due to allergies, I'll have to count sometime. I've also taken back numerous babies whose owners developed allergies to them. Just look at how many hedgehogs on here that people have had to rehome because of allergies

I really wish the "hedgehogs don't cause allergies" myth would disappear. Sure there are some people who are allergic to every other animal but not a hedgehog, but it isn't as common as those who are allergic to the hedgehog. Typical time frame from what I've noticed is 5-6 months to a year before the allergy is to the point of needing to rehome. Sometimes it takes even longer. I've also known people who had more than one hedgehog and were allergic to one but not the others.

Often people have a reaction at first but then it goes away. Sometimes it comes back, months later and continues to be a full blown allergy.
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