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ok.. so I cleaned her cage tonight and there were over 20 quills in her bedding.. Im feeling pretty distressed. I don't know how she isn't bald.
I have changed her detergent to a non scented one as I mentioned before. I don't use shampoo on her because it made her flaky the first time I used it. Just a bit of olive oil of flax oil. I have dripped a little flax oil on her back this week, trying to help, so that's why the dry skin in these pictures might look a little yellow.
For food, she is a picky eater. She wont eat mealies yet so she gets unsweetened apple sauce, carrot baby food, or the rare temptations beef cat treat. The cat treats only started when I was giving her the medication, which gave her insane poops and pees, so I didn't think mushy treats were a good idea. For kibbles she gets Royal Canin adult fit, a little bit of now fresh adult, and natural balance green pea and duck. She came on the royal canin, but I wanted more of a mix In her diet since she is so picky. No recent changes in the kibble.




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