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The exact same thing happened to me the first month we had Snarf. My skin reacted the same way yours did. I happened to be seeing my doc anyway and asked him about it. he said likely just a senstivity not an allergy and prescribed Lotriderm? something like that. It went away before I had the chance to fill the prescription and hasn't reappeared.

I did have the rash for a full 4-6 weeks...even if I washed faithfully, didn't touch Snarf...nothing seemed to make a difference. I sometimes used Cortaid that I had on hand and it worked for a couple hours, then the itching would start.

Only a doc can say if it's allergy or not. My doc was pretty adamant it wasn't just cuz allergies to hedgies are so rare. I would give it a bit more time unless it's making you crazy...then see your doc again, I guess.
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