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I think she is about seven months old? Its about 5 quills a day. Before it was more. I saw quills coming in a bit before the baytril, but then I didn't see any more growing in, and they were still falling out. That's when I took her to the vet. I think its been happening since I got her. Then I wasn't as concerned, because with the new quill growth I knew she was quilling.
Like I said I think she is more high strung then an average hedgie.. sometimes, actually quite often, she even scares herself. To give an idea of her personality, yesterday some time after I had put her back after "cuddle time" she had run between the wheel and the side of her cage. I guess the wheel touched her back and she managed to freak herself out. Of course every time she huffed her back touched the wheel again and it took awhile for her to figure things out. I feel I should note that she had lots of room, and was in no way stuck. She is like this a lot of the time. Most of the time really. Is that normal? Or is she just a very uptight girl? I feel like this might be a contributor.
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