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Default Important notice about taking advice

This is a reminder about advice given on the forum and through pm and emails.

Please take your hedgie to a vet if you notice something wrong. You
can post about the issue, but take the information given as possible suggestions only on what might be wrong or what to look for. Remember that signs and symptoms can be the same for numerous illnesses or conditions and your vet is the only one to know for sure.

Taking advice given privately through pms and email is always risky. The safest advice is given on open forum. When given on open forum, if the advice or suggestions given are wrong or misleading, chances are it will be quickly corrected. In the past there have been numerous instances of advice given privately being wrong resulting in both minor and serious consequences.

Also remember that those with high posts counts are not necessarily experienced or knowledgeable. Some people reply to every post, often to up their post count and other times just because they are friendly and enjoy posting. A high post count does not mean the person is experienced or knowledgeable.
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