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Default Re: oral infection or oral cancer?

The vet should be able to tell the difference between oral cancer and an abscess or infection. He would need to be gassed to get a really good look. The oral cancers we have had here all have had what looks like whitish yellow curdled milk.

Oral cancers grow incredibly fast and cancer does not go away. What he had 2 years ago would not have been oral cancer. With cancer they can also get infection so the infection may have initially been cured causing the swelling to go down, but then the cancer continues.

If it is just an infection, sometimes abscesses need to be operated on and cleaned out before the infection will go away. Also, if he had one bad tooth, it's possible there is now another one.

I've yet to have one with oral cancer last 2 months although I know of a few people whose lasted a bit longer.

If you pm me your email address I'll send you some pictures of oral cancer.
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