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Default What Would you Do?

Hey all,
I received some sad news today. My neighbour's dog of ten years will have to be suddenly put down tomorrow due to cancer. I do a lot of pet sitting for him, so he called me up sobbing and asked me to come take care of the other animals this weekend while he buries her up at his cottage.

For the non-Canadians in the crowd, it's also Thanksgiving on Monday. My neighbour is in his mid-sixties and I don't think he really has much in the way of friends or family due to him being openly gay. The thought that his beloved pet just died and he'll be alone this weekend is bringing me to tears, and I really want to make things better for him.

What would you do or want done in this situation? Unfortunately I don't have the capacity to invite him over. I'm thinking of making some art from photos I have of his dog to gift to him, as well as getting a pie or casserole for him so he doesn't have to cook anything when he comes back from the cottage. Is this okay? I'm quite young and don't really have experience with this type of thing, so I'm not sure if this is appropriate social behaviour.

For the record, this is some art I've done in the past:


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