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Default Hyperdrive hedgie

I used mineral oil on Archimedes for the first time last night during his bath, then I wrapped him up in a towel and held him for a little bit, then put him back in his cage. He started FREAKING OUT. I've never seen him so crazy before. He kinda reminded me of a rabid animal, just like rolling around on his back, and kicking and throwing bedding everywhere, then running around the cage faster than I've ever seen him go (and I've seen him run very fast). I figured that the scent of the mineral oil was bothering him so I gave him another longer bath to try and wash it off, and also changed his bedding/cleaned everything. This seemed to help a little, but he's not 100% calm like he was before. But geez has anyone else every had this experience? He honestly looked like a hedgie on crack!
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