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Default Re: Hedge in need! Need advice.

Well done you for giving her a fantastic home. She is definitely better off with you. As the others said, she needs to be checked out by a vet. Flaky, dry skin can indicate mites, which will make her itchy and uncomfortable. For dry skin you can use flax seed (get the capsule form as the bottle stuff goes off really fast) and put it on her food a couple of times a week; or you can put a couple of drops on the shoulders, but if her skin is really dry, this might irritate it more.
I wonder if the lumps might me an allergy? Something like hives? If she was filthy when you got her, who knows what she was into/living on. They also look like little fatty lumps, or as Shae said, enlarged follicles. Hopefully someone more experienced will be along soon.
She looks like a total sweetie though! Have you got a wheel for her to run on?
I know someone else has been dealing with an overweight hog, also an albino. Hmmm, maybe they eat to feel better because some people find the red eyes weird?! :P
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