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First off, Mel didn't say anything wrong. She was right with what she said - hedgehogs do badly without food for more than a day or two. Sometimes they do perfectly fine & bounce back once the problem is taken care of or once they're syringe-fed. Sometimes it's been too long, they're very weak from not eating, and they have a much more difficult time regaining their strength. If they are actually ill & that caused them to stop eating, the lack of eating can really hurt their chances of overcoming the illness. All she was trying to do with her post was explain the severity of the situation, confirm that yes, a vet visit is needed quickly, food is also needed quickly, and what to expect from the situation. There was no shaming in her post - she was simply informing you what the level of seriousness is with this situation.

And I'm going to preface this next part with no offense, but... It's really hard to tell tone with text! It really is. And when there's nothing to go off from with the text, people tend to read into it & sometimes will have their own emotions influencing the text. You're upset & worried about your hedgehog, so you were upset at being told how severe the situation is. We understand that - but it's not the fault of those who are taking the time to answer your question & try to help. We're not the bad guys, and we're not trying to shame you. I'd love for you to stay on the forum and continue to be part of our community here, but everyone who's on the forum needs to keep in mind that people are here to help. We don't have to help, and we're not paid to spend our time on here & answer questions. When you post on the forum, you need to understand that. You won't get an answer right away. Sometimes the answers won't be what you want. That still doesn't give you license to snap at those who are trying to help, or get upset because you don't like the answers.

Regarding your previous post, you were not chewed out. Again, reading too much into the text. Kalandra let you know what the rules were, shut the thread, and let you know what to do in order to receive advice - bump your original thread. And I mentioned in another thread of yours that the forum should not be relied on for health issues. No one on here is a vet (or if they are, I don't know about it). We can't see your hedgehog, we can't diagnose. If you're concerned, the best thing to do really is to just call your vet & see what they think. The forum is here for second opinions if you're unsure, but there aren't always people qualified to answer around, and it's not a good idea to rely on the forum for that, or to get upset when it doesn't meet your expectations.

(And to be perfectly honest, this forum is by FAR the most active one I've been on. I've been on a bearded dragon forum, budgie forum, quaker parrot forum, betta fish forum, and I'm currently on a hermit crab forum. None of them have nearly as many posts per day or people answering questions as this one does. I actually have a lot of pride in how many people are on this forum each day, getting and giving answers, and how quickly most threads receive replies.)

That all said, if this forum isn't right for you, then that's that. We'd love to have you here, but as I said, you cannot snap at people if you don't like their answer, and you cannot expect instant answers. Sometimes it takes a day or two to get an answer. If it's an emergency, call the vet. If you're pretty sure you need the vet, but you're not convinced, call the vet. If you're upset, it's probably best not to check answers on your thread until you're in a calmer frame of mind. I do hope that you decide to stay part of the forum, and I hope that your vet is able to help your hedgehog. I'll keep her and you in my thoughts that she will recover quickly.
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