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Default Re: Hedge in need! Need advice.

Originally Posted by Zombie
She's definitely a hefty girl. If I hold her bum to force a ball, she doesn't put her legs up all the way and grunts the entire time. I don't think she could do it if she tried. I bought her some really high-quality weight control food yesterday and put her on a diet. I think a vet visit is definitely called for. :/ I definitely don't want to give her back - her life must have been horrid and I adore her already - but I would love to have a little hedgepig that will be with me for a while, Poor girl.

Another picture of her lumps. :/

Poor girl, I'm so glad that you brought her home! Those bumps look strange, maybe they're swollen hair follicles or something I have no idea... Hopefully the vet will know.
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