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I apologize if honesty wasn't what you're looking for.

To be honest, I could have been much more harsh, but it wasn't necessary. It wouldn't have helped your hedgehog, and that is my primary concern. I wasn't because I know that life happens. I get it. I'm not perfect; no one is.

But at the same time, your hedgehog is probably in bad shape, and I was trying to kindly prepare you for that.

At any rate, that has little to do with the topic at hand. I'm sorry your experience here hasn't been the best, and I'm sorry your feelings were hurt.

Originally Posted by pixieperf View Post
She has an appointment for 1:30 today. Thanks for the brutal honesty...I love being told to not expect my hedgehog, whom I've had for over three years, will likely not recover, or have extreme difficulties trying. Makes me feel like a real winner.
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