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Default Hedgehog won't eat!!!

My husband and I were on vacation for a week, and my parents followed my instructions explicitly for caring for our two hogs. They were fine when we got back. My dad said that the oldest didn't eat as much as the youngest, and that was typical, so I didn't think anything of it.

We had to travel 5 hours to get home (we travel during the day so we don't disrupt their sleeping cycles), and now they're in their original cages (2x3 C&C cages). I'm freaking out now because my oldest has not eaten at all since we got back on Sunday, and hasn't had much to drink from what I can see. Last night she pulled a bunch of pieces out of her bowl (I feed them blue buffalo adult formula), but only two or three seemed to have been slightly chewed. I tried softening the food...nothing. I tried syringe feeding her the soft food...spit it all out. She peed and pooped, but her poop is pretty dark green and slimy. Probably a red flag.

I just spent six months and hundreds of dollars on my youngest's mystery skin condition (which we still don't have answers for) so my vet fund is slim right now. I want to take her in, but I'm worried that our vet will leave me with no answers again. They're an exotic specialty veterinarian, and the only one in my city....I don't have too much else of a choice.

I'm going to try meal worms and crickets today and hope for the best. I also want to buy some Benebac to hopefully aid with any digestion issues, as we've used it before (prescribed by our vet during a previous URI) but if anyone else has any suggestions, I'll take them.
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