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Default Re: Deciding on buying a hedgehog?

Reading a lot of the stories posted here, there is no gender that is more playful or lively. Hedgehogs are nocturnal as well, so they get a bit grouchy sometimes when they're woken up in the daytime. It all depends on the personality of the hedgehog really... my napoleon was a GROUCH when I got her from the pet store, but now that I feed her mealies and talk to her etc. she has become a lot more friendly. I still can't take her out though because she has babies that are still Dependant on her. But i'm confident she'll be nice once the babies are gone and I can spend one on one time. Some hedgehogs NEVER come around and some wake up and run outside of their pigloos to be held. Also, I have a cage that is meant for a guinea pig (plastic bottom and 8 inches up the sides, then wire for the rest of the way up and a wire top.) But most people here have C&C cages which im sure if you look around you could find pictures in one of the forums, i forget which one. It's called "Cage examples" or something like that. I don't think that with the required heat amount (75-80'F, 25-30'C) the plastic would melt.
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