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Default Deciding on buying a hedgehog?

Hello everyone,
I've been researching for about 3hours now and found this website and decided to register
I'm deciding on buying a hedgehog but i have a few questions to ask.
I've always wanted a hedgehog since i was small (I'm 17 now) i haven't always been around hedgehogs but i have a house in portugal and there i live in the countryside and in summer at night sometimes they come beside my house as i throw fruits for them to eat and sometimes i pet them even though they get into a ball as they scared, but those are huge hedgehogs, i would like a smaller hedgehog,
which one would you recommend?
Also which gender is better? like friendly or playful?
which cage do you prefer wire cage or this plastic type of cage? (picture below)
also if i end up getting the plastic one its going to be much bigger and will it melt with the heater? also with time i would save up and buy a better home for it
http://beachbumhedgehogs.com/images/Cag ... _16640.jpg

any tips and advice??
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