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Announcements in Forum : Memorials
01-14-2014 until 12-30-2019
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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Multiple accounts are not permitted. We can view your IP address and see all other accounts coming from that address. If there are other family members that also have an account on HHC, let us know. If you start multiple accounts to reinvent yourself, to praise your other account, or use the accounts to insult another member, you will be banned.

Inappropriate posts
Any post which is considered inflammatory, derogatory, inappropriate, prejudiced, or mean may be removed and a warning sent to the offender. Continued acts of this type may result in removal of your account.

Classifieds are available to non-commercial users only.
In fairness to our actively participating members, the classifieds are only available to those members who are here on a frequent basis and actively participating in the forum. This includes all manner of advertising and is not limited to only those posts in the classified section. Forum advertising requires at least one month of active forum participation. Sellers are not permitted to contact members to solicit sales or spam other members through email or pm. Anyone who wishes to have an advertisement on HHC but is not willing to participate in the forum is welcome to purchase advertising space.

Only actively participating breeders are allowed to advertise in Babies for sale. The exception being, a surprise litter from a newly purchased or rescued hedgehog.

Listings may be updated once per month. To try and keep listings up to date, listings may be purged after one month of ad and seller inactivity. It is up to the seller to keep track of their ad.

Commercial enterprises must purchase banner space. Unsolicited advertising in posts or signature lines is not acceptable and will be dealt with promptly.

Fundraising and Soliciting likes, votes etc for veterinary costs, cages, wheels, or to buy a hedgehog is not permitted on HHC. The exception being for the benefit of the Hedgehog Welfare society, the International Hedgehog Association, or an HWS or IHA approved rescue. Prior to posting, approval must be given by one of the mods or admins.
Special circumstances may be permitted. Contact an Admin or Mod to find out if your situation qualifies.

Requests for likes, votes on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites are not permitted. The exception being for the benefit of the Hedgehog Welfare society, the International Hedgehog Association, or an HWS or IHA approved rescue. If in doubt if your request would apply, contact an admin or mod.

HHC will not tolerate spamming of our members through email, pm, or visitor messages to sell your product, or to request donations, likes or votes. This will result in immediate banning of the offender.

If you feel a thread is getting off topic, please bring it to the attention of a moderator. Do not try to remedy the situation yourself. A moderator will review the thread and get it back on topic.

Forum Etiquette

While Hedgehog Central has and will continue to be a friendly, child-safe resource site, we would like to remind all members of basic forum etiquette rules. Essentially, this document lays out the basics of what is and is not acceptable behavior on the Net.

Good manners show an interest - a concern - for your fellow forum members rather than just your own wants. To seek your own interests first, foremost and exclusively shows a lack of maturity. Please consider the following. Flagrant and repeated violation of this policy may result in the removal of your privilege to participate in this forum.

Think before you post
Consider that a large audience will see your posts, including your present or next boss or (in the case of our junior members) your parents. Take care in what you write. Remember too, that forum posts are archived, and that what you write may be stored for a very long time. These posts can be retrieved not only by forum members, but also from off-site sources such as a simple search engine query.

Be Yourself
Forging identities and spoofing will result in an immediate ban

Consider the source
Assume that individuals speak for themselves, and what they say does not represent Hedgehog Central. (unless stated explicitly) Opinions are just that - one person's viewpoint. They may be representative of the facts unless they are backed up by a general group consensus or are posted by a noted expert in the field.

Read the date the thread you are replying to was posted. Dragging up year or two old threads is not only annoying but pointless as often the original poster is no longer an active member.

Me Too
Avoid sending messages or posting articles which are no more than gratuitous replies to replies such as "I agree" or "Me too".

On occasion warnings need to be given for violating the rules. Sometimes a general warning will be posted in a thread that has gone off track. We expect these warnings to be heeded. Don't continue the discussion or open up another thread to continue the discussion. Consider that once a warning is given continued discussion may result in the offending party being put on moderation or banned.

Private warnings will be given through either pm or email by one of the admins or mods. When a warning is given, it is after discussion with ALL the administrators and moderators.

3 Strikes Rule

Members will be given up to 3 warnings. On your third warning your account may be disabled either temporarily, permanently, or you may be put on moderation. The length of time is dependent on the circumstance and is at the discretion of the Administration.


Many people are members of numerous forums. Often a persons behavior on a forum will follow them from forum to forum. If you acted obnoxious on one forum and switch forums, chances are your reputation will precede you. If you want to be taken seriously, change your behavior. Sometimes impatience and frustration with a member is because their behavior is known from other forums.

Take it off-forum
If you should find yourself in a personal disagreement with another member, make your responses to each other via mail or the private message feature on the forum rather than continue to post messages in open forum.

Advice, giving and taking

Taking Advice

Please take your hedgie to a vet if you notice something wrong. You can post about the issue, but take the information given as possible suggestions only on what might be wrong or what to look for. Remember that signs and symptoms can be the same for numerous illnesses or conditions and your vet is the only one to know for sure.

Taking advice given privately through pm?s and email is always risky. The safest advice is given on open forum. When given on open forum, if the advice or suggestions given are wrong or misleading, hopefully it will be quickly corrected. In the past there have been numerous instances of private advice being wrong resulting in both minor and serious consequences.

Also remember that those with high posts counts are not necessarily experienced or knowledgeable. Some people reply to every post, often to up their post count and other times just because they are friendly and enjoy posting. A high post count does not mean the person is experienced or knowledgeable.

Giving Advice
If you haven't experienced a situation, stop and reconsider posting advice you have read elsewhere. We have seen far too many times where pertinent information gets lost in the translation. It can be difficult to recognize key pieces of information when you haven't encountered the situation before. No matter how much you have read and researched - take a moment to look at yourself and determine if you really are experienced enough to give advice in medical or breeding and babies situations which could risk a life.

Don't just assume that someone will correct you if you give unsound advice. Posts get missed, sometimes entire threads get overlooked. If you are a relatively new owner with little to no experience and all you are doing is posting the words of someone else, STOP POSTING ADVICE! If you're concerned about a particular post, PM an experienced member/breeder/Admin/mod. Imagine how YOU would feel if you got bad advice from someone who acted as if they had years of experience when all they were doing was copying/pasting the words of someone else who was talking about a completely different hedgehog and situation. Those who ignore warnings about giving advice may be put on moderation in the Health and Breeding and Babies sections.

Reader friendly Posting

Start your own thread Adding on to an existing thread, is not only confusing for readers, rude to the original poster, but you may not get an accurate answer as people will confuse the two issues. This is especially important when discussing a health issue.

Subject line Subject lines should be descriptive and should never be one word long or ambiguous as to their meaning. A subject line that gives an idea of what the post is about will give quicker responses. For instance. "OMG I need help" not only tells the person reading it nothing about what is wrong but the use of net speak gives the impression of drama. A better subject line would be "Help, cold hedgie". This tells the reader what the post is about.

Many people, come on here multiple times per day but only for a few minutes at a time. When looking at the new posts, "Help, cold hedgie" is more likely to be read immediately than "OMG I need help".

One issue, one thread If you post about a health, or other issue, keep any and all updates in the original thread. Nothing is more confusing to the reader than to have a health issue being updated in numerous different threads. Keep it all in one so readers can easily follow what is going on.

Post content Posts should be brief and to the point. Don't wander off-topic, don't ramble and don't post replies solely to point out other people's errors in typing or spelling. These, more than any other behaviour, mark you as an immature beginner.

Punctuation We learn in grade 2 that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with either a period or question mark. Run on sentences are not only difficult to read, but annoying and often people do not bother even to read.

Paragraphs. We learn about paragraphs in grade 3. A paragraph is a group of sentences about one subject. When we switch to a different subject, we make a new paragraph with a blank line between.

Capitals Capitalizing all letters is not only annoying, difficult to read but is considered yelling.

Capitalizing the first letter of each word is also annoying and difficult to read and goes back to following the simple punctuation rules we learned in grade 2. Capitals belong at the beginning of a sentence and for proper names.

Capitalizing random words helps highlight the importance and is fine to do in some circumstances.

Spelling Not everyone can spell well. For some, English is not their first language. Canadians spell certain words different than those in the US and spell checkers give US spelling of words. Random spelling mistakes are fine, nobody is perfect but at least give it a good try.

Netspeak Except for a few words, netspeak is not only annoying to read but generally the post is not taken as seriously as one that is written in normal words. LOL and IMO are generally considered okay to use. Netspeak is fine to use when you are chatting with a friend but otherwise is annoying to the reader and puts forth an immature impression of you.

You are judged by how you present yourself. We don't expect perfection but unless you are 7 years old, you have learned basic punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Please use it.

Special forum sections

Forum Questions / Site help is for questions about how to use the forum, how to add photos, contact members etc. It also gives forum updates, rules and guidelines. NO HEDGEHOG RELATED QUESTIONS. Hedgehog related questions will be removed.

Veterinarian Listings
is for posting reviews of vets that members have actual experience with. Just because a vet clinic says they treat exotics or a vet says he/she sees hedgehogs, it doesn't mean that all the vets in that clinic have actual experience with, knowledge about, or is a good vet to take your hedgehog too.

Post a vet and vet clinic only if you have actual experience with that vet. Chit chat or questions will be removed.

Product Reviews
is for giving pros and cons of commercially made products based on what you have experienced with the product. Each thread will be for a different product and please make the title of the thread the name of the product. ie: Comfort wheel, Midwest Ferret Nation, etc.

Experienced only reviews. All other posts will be deleted.

Membership Categories

On Hedgehog Central Forums, there are a few restricted membership categories: Rescue, Breeder and Master Breeder. Membership to these restricted categories is granted only by the forum administrators. If you would like to apply for one of these restricted titles, please check the qualifications listed below and contact a forum administrator.

RESCUE (Red Lettering)
The rescue title is restricted to members who are either International Hedgehog Association (IHA) or Hedgehog Welfare Society (HWS) approved rescue stations. Members of this category are not required be active members of the forum.

BREEDER (Green Lettering)
The Breeder title is a breeder with experience of 5 or more litters and has been an active and continuing participant of HHC for at least 3 months. Members of this category agree to abide by the IHA?s Breeder Code of Ethics and register and promote the use of the International Hedgehog Registry.

MASTER BREEDER (Blue Lettering)
The Master Breeder title is someone we consider to be a mentor. Qualification for this title is at the discretion of the forum administrators. A typical master breeder demonstrates many of the following qualities: The breeder has 5 or more years of demonstrated proof of breeding (either current or in the past). They are well known in the hedgehog community and are actively helping new breeders. They follow and promote the IHA's Breeder Code of Ethics and register and promote the use of the International Hedgehog Registry. They are also an active participant of the forum.

The Hedgehog Central forum administrators reserve the right to modify the above qualifications and the right to deny or revoke a restricted title to any member at their discretion.
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