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kirbers 12-20-2014 12:59 PM

I recently gave Kirby a bath because he was all stinky and I used some dog shampoo that was certified as safe be the breeder i got him from. I was sure to rinse him off well, but bout 20 minutes later while I was holding him to let him dry off I notice some bubbles coming out of his rear. I'm positive its from his butt and he's not just having some "boy time", is it from the bath? Did he swallow some bubbles? Freaking out, I've only had him for a couple weeks now

nikki 12-20-2014 04:37 PM

Dog shampoo isn't a good idea most are scented to cover up the normal "dog smell" of dogs. A better alternative is Aveeno baby wash. Its gentle, won't dry out his skin and its unscented.

As for the bubbles it could have been some shampoo that didn't get rinsed off, I wouldn't worry about it if everything else seems normal.

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