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Saber 10-27-2013 02:54 PM

Too much pooping?
Hello there :) So I'm not "new" to the forum as I registered a long time ago when I started researching hedgies but I think this my be my first post lol. So I got my hedgie "Hildee" on October 8 2013. They believe she is approx 12 weeks old and seems to be going through a quilling so I think that might be accurate.

Here is my issue: She poops ALOT. I mean its like a sugar glider and ferret combined. I play with her every day. I lay a piece of large fleece on the couch and let her run around and push around her toys and we watch TV etc. I'd say shortly after taking her out of her cage she has a HUGE poop. It seems normal, its brownish, not green, not slimy, its just amazing that its so much out of such a little body and I had not expected that. In her cage she goes in her litter box and on the wheel but when I get up in the morning it has already dried and looks smaller and I expected her to go in her wheel while she runs (thanks to you great folks on the forum) but not all the time while I had her out. On the fleece after her big poop then she has lots of little poops every few minutes it seems and she is VERY active. Always running around and exploring. Then when she settles in for a nap she of course isn't pooping but then again as soon as she's up its like a poop fest again.

So, any thoughts? Is this normal?

Thank you guys so much. I appreciate all your help and advice.

Annie&Tibbers 10-27-2013 03:56 PM

You have a baby. They poop amazing, enormous amounts. When my small friend was much smaller, he used to produce poops that were as big around as his leg, and half his bodylength! And then, fifteen minutes later, without eating anything, do it AGAIN. o.O

Sometime around the 6-month mark, I noticed his pooping had decreased. By 9 months, it's more like 2 per night, each roughly as big as his leg.

Saber 10-27-2013 05:40 PM

Thank you so much! I feel much better about things lol

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