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Default Re: Changing Diet to Encourage Weight Loss

I know the feeling, with my girl Tonja she was up to 682 grams and was a BIG girl, unfortunately she will not run on her wheel she just does a leisurely walk and MIGHT do a mile a night .... and when I take her out for some run time she just walks for a few minuets and than decides to lay down and watch what is gong on around her or take a nap . She got a clean bill of health from the doc but is just fat, I have her on a mix of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Lite, and Wellness Healthy Weight I was giving her mill worms as a treat but had to stop due to her weight now she gets baby food. But to make her start to loose have had to start making her swim and she hates it to begin with but she is now starting to get more use to it and it is helping to get the weight off. You just have to be VERY careful not to leave her alone and make sure that she is completely dry before putting Lily up. My girl LOVES to hang out in a fleas blanket fresh from the dryer you also have to be careful not to let her skin get to dry from the frequent water exposer. Good luck on the weight loss plan!! Just tell her it is her new years resolution to be a healthier hog

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