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Default Re: Changing Diet to Encourage Weight Loss

Kelsey, I am in the same situation with Pete. She came to us weighting 546g a month ago and during her vet visit the vet said she looks very overweight for her size. He said she should lose 100g during the next 6 months.

When she first came her food mix was 16% fat. I switched it to a 10% fat mix (Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck and Wellness Healthy Weight.) What I've been thinking is that it seems to me that she is eating more of the low fat food than she used to eat of the old food. I think she might be eating more to compensate for the fewer calories in the low fat diet. I'm thinking I'll have to start reducing how much kibble I give her, but I don't know if I should. And it would break my heart to think she's hungry.

I think you can try to offer more of the low fat food and see if she eats them. Hopefully she will.

As for exercise, Pete enjoys walking around and exploring so that's what I've been letting her do a few times a week, besides for having a wheel every night. Maybe you could encourage exploring by offering healthy treats (fruits and veggies) when she's out?
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