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Default How many mealworms for one hedgehog?

I'm thinking of farming mealworms for my hedgehog. My main question is how many should I start with if I'll only be feeding them to one hedgehog at a rate of maybe 2 -3 a night.

I also found a couple of clear containers lying around, they're just a bit smaller than a shoe box(6x9inch and 3 inches high). Would that be enough room for however amount of mealworms that I should have? Would maybe 1 and a half inch of bedding/food be enough for the mealworms?

I also only have two of these containers. I've read that it's best to use three, but is it necessary? I'm thinking of putting the beetles in one, and the pupa and worms in the other. I don't know if worms will eat the pupa, so I'm not sure if that'll be safe or not?
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