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While I am new to hedgies I have trained/bred and have had dogs since I could walk. I used to be more into sporting/hunting dogs but now I have herding breeds. What caused the dog to bite? Was the child running around? Did she give a warning growl? I have to find it but there is a chart that really explains dog signals they give when uncomfortable. My blue heelers are raised around kids but when young kids come over they are put in kennels. Or if I see them getting over-stimulated they are kenneled.

With what you are saying now I see no reason to have her put to sleep. I would contact a few rescues and see if they will be willing to help you. IF you rehome her yourself make sure people know her history, don't sugar coat anything. Be pretty strict with where she goes. I would say no kids under 14. Younger kids running around will make her get going more than likely.
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