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Default Re: Newhedge hog wont eat Kaytee food

Sadly, most pet stores don't know very much about hedgehogs.

When I bought Yoshi, I was told he was a rodent, that his teeth would keep growing forever, that he'd chew up cardboard, and I had to waste 20 bucks on a bag of Pretty Pets hedgehog food, which is another terrible brand.

I'd already bought some different food for him before I got him, and put some of it in with the PP. He left the PP alone and gobbled up the cat food(Which was Nutro Max Cat weight control. Not a great food, but much better than Pretty Pets). I learned shortly after that PP was bad, so I slowly got rid of it, even though he already wasn't eating it. I now have Yoshi on three different foods. Unfortunately, he isn't a fan of the healthiest one in there. xD

Good luck introducing a nutritional diet to your baby.
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