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Haha, oh, yes, she's a weirdo. But it's meant with much love and affection. She's a silly girl. But anyway, you've actually really given me something to go on. I didn't have a word or a term for the behavior, but den behavior, I think is the exact right phrase for it. That will help my research a lot

As an update, Kaya (I suppose I could have mentioned her name earlier :P) has been successfully coaxed out of her hiding place with treats the last few days. I've been starting out with a treat rather than trying to get her to come out on my own and having her become upset. I'm finding if I show her that I have a treat and then walk away she'll typically follow after a moment. I'll also try to up the number of treats she receives outside as well.

Thank you all for the discussion! I think talking it out helped me a bunch as well as your suggestions. If anyone has anything else to add I'm all ears
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