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She definitely sounds like a bit of an oddball . There's a fine line between bribery and "ooh I'm going to intentionally hide so I get a treat" with some dogs. Is it possible to lure her all the way outside with food that smells amazing, and then give it to her once she's completely out of the house?

If she's a very clever dog she may just be testing you to see what she can get away with. You'll have to just be as stubborn as she is for now, since she's still settling in. My Australian cattle dog is like that with me regularly but stubbornness is one of their breed traits. He likes to hold out to see how far he can push the boundaries. The food lure trick would only work with him if I had something absolutely amazing in my hand. Be consistent; don't just give up and let her hide. If you feel safe reaching in and dragging her (gently!) Out of hiding, that might be worth trying. You can also try feeding her meals to her outside so she associates the two things and actually anticipates it.

I hope something in there helps! And I'm really glad you're not a Cesar fan
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