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Default In need of dog help

Does anyone know a decent dog forum or good resources? We got a dog a few months ago from a rescue group and 90% of the time she is sweet and wonderful and easy to handle. But she's has this one issue I'm really not sure how to properly handle. She sleeps inside, and in the mornings I feed her and then put her outside before I leave for work. Most mornings this is fine, but some days when it's time to go outside she'll decide she does not want to and hides under my desk. This wouldn't be too big a deal except when she gets like that she will snarl and snap at any attempts to make her come out and go outside. She'll also do it later in the day if I need her to go out and she doesn't want to, or if she does something she knows she'll be in trouble for (like digging in the trash). I don't think I should be resorting to bribery every time this happens.

This is not my first dog, but this is the first dog I've had in a little over a decade and I'm feeling a little lost. Especially since otherwise she's such a friendly dog. And there are just soooo many dog related things on the internet I don't even know where to start. Argh!
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